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Societal Issues

A deteriorating hippocampus brought my 36-year career in software development to a premature end. I choose to use my remaining time, energies, and abilities toward making this world a better place for my family, community, and society. I want to influence the choices we make, for the benefit of all.

Societal Dialog

Social Contract

San Jose Diridon Development

Sex and Gender

Religious Philosophy of the Ancient Near East

I have been reading, studying, and taking courses covering earliest Christianity, Judaism, and religious and philosophical thought of the Ancient Near East (ANE). By this process, I have learned a lot about what the Bible texts meant to their authors and their direct audiences. Much of my writing is directed at expressing, explaining, and supporting those meanings as I understand them. Some of these writings are presented here. These writings are © 2016 Frank Nemec unless otherwise noted.

Ancient Jewish Philosophy as Expressed in Tanakh

The Gospels



Philosophical Thought and Biblical Literature with a general discussion of prophetic and apocalyptic literature in Bible text.

A class on early Christianity

Christian Fundamentalism

A review of Darwin's Black Box by Michael Behe.

An excellent graphical data presentation on the growth of religions

Science, Technology, and General


Viewpoint: Rip Van Winkle Awakens at DAC 2009 (published on August 2009)

A brief conference report on Program for the Future.

patent 5,239,481 issued 8-24-93
patent 6,266,802 issued 7-24-01

A complete session at the IEEE International Conference on Computer Design: VLSI in Computers, October 31-November 3, 1983, Port Chester, NY, on the IBM Los Gatos Logic Simulation Machine.

Most of my professional writing is classified IBM internal or higher, so I can't show it.

New Year's Resolutions Worth Resolving

Writings By Others

While not my writings, they are so good I wish I had written them. These are must-read for any Christian with a serious interest in apologetics.

Religion as Harmful

Debating Rules for Christians and Atheists

Dialog and Debate

Common Logical Fallacies