The History of Israel and Judah

This Sunday evening Bible study at Valley Church met Sundays 6:30-8pm in room 3191. We currently meet via Google Meet Saturdays 10am or 6:30-8pm. All are welcome. On June 10, 2012, this class began a series on the history of Israel and Judah. It was originally conceived as a fast-paced class of 10-20 weeks, requiring that the reading of the texts be done at home, before class, by each student. That's about 600 pages, a large book. For a reasonably good, disciplined reader, that would take about 30-60 minutes a week. No one will be denied participation, or even hounded, if they don't do the reading. However, all will be strongly encouraged to do the reading. Class time will not include reading of all the text.

That pace was wishful thinking on my part. Based on our experience so far, we will maintain a much slower pace. For the first year, we averaged about 3 pages per week. One would think that someone attending a Bible study could manage to read 3 pages per week. Instructor's lament.

The course syllabus and notes will be continually updated as the class is developed.

This class is drawing to a close. Once we finish Isaiah, we'll study Ezra-Nehemiah. The next class will be Paul.

Schedule Notes

Candidates for upcoming classes:

Aug  7, 2021 6:30pm maybe
Aug 11, 2021 6:30pm likely


Tim Gildersleeve suggests the book A Harmony of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles, by William Day Crockett, available from Amazon. These public-domain references are helpful:

This class is NOT an official Discipleship Elective class of Valley Church. We meet with permission in room 3191 at Valley Church of Cupertino. We can bring friends, but we cannot publicize it as an official Valley event.

If you would be interested in this class, or want to suggest other topics, .