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Frank Nemec Web Development - New Clients

Want me to build a website for you?

If you are interested in having me work on a website for you, here are some things for you to be thinking about.

  1. domain names
  2. color preferences
  3. existing websites you like, and what you like about them and think you want for yours
  4. a sample in some format for what you think you want a page of your site to look like
  5. photographs, documents, or other media files you'd like to appear on your site
  6. how much you want or need to protect the intellectual property you post
  7. key words and phrases you think are very appropriate to lead to your site
  8. email addresses and email lists you'd like
  9. how much value you assign to traffic on your site (thus, how you might want to use Google Adwords)
  10. what web features are important to you, and why, such as blogs
  11. what kind of relationship do you want to have with me
    1. retainer model -- pay me lavishly once a year. I'm at your beck and call. You have priority. When you ask me to do something for your website, I do it.
    2. gym membership model -- pay me monthly, whether you use me or not
    3. personal trainer model -- pay me monthly, and I interact with you often, working to learn what you really need, and hounding you for whatever I need to accomplish your purposes for your website
    4. contractor model -- pay me once to build the website you want, and host it for 2 years, with hosting and minor maintenance at minimal cost after that

I use DreamHost logo as my hosting platform. As of June 2010, they host one million domains. They're not a small player, and I have been extremely satisfied with them for years. I am migrating toward using WordPress for some new sites, so if there are particular WordPress themes you like, be sure to tell me that. See these resources to help you choose your site style and features.