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Frank Nemec - Challenge Grant (expired)

Now retired, I focus my remaining time, energy, and abilities for the betterment of my family, community, society, and planet. One endeavor appeared on my radar, standing out above the rest. The MIT Campaign for a Better World. As an MIT alum, I have been impressed for a very long time with the quality and uniqueness of an MIT education. I have more recently been impressed by the accomplishments of MIT-related research. For this reason, I chose to offer an incentive to encourage support of MIT. As I posted in a public forum, "MIT is making dramatic societal contributions so fast I can't even keep track of them!"

Make a donation to this campaign (or any other MIT fund) in my name (Frank Nemec class of 1968) of $3000 or more, and I will give you one of these vacation certificates, up to the limit of the 10 that I have. These certificates are provided to me as an owner in the Vidanta Ambassador Program. Vidanta wants the opportunity to offer their timeshare program to new people. That's why I can give away the option to purchase a resort week at member prices, with member privileges. I ask for the donation to be in my name as evidence that the donation resulted, at least in part, from my challenge.

Contact me with confirmation of your MIT donation, or with questions about this. I can't think of anywhere that a charitable donation could do more good for the long term.